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recyled fabrics


Attention to the environment has led the Research and Development Office to search for innovative eco-sustainable products made with recycled materials.

Among the proposed materials there are linings, waterproof and breathable membranes, materials for insoles, materials for upholstery and numerous other products.


Pellicce riciclate GRS

Furs with various colours and weights, made with recycled fiber from PET


3D mesh material with 65% of recycled polyester, run resistant and with high transpiration

Circle Membrane

Waterproof and breathable membrane with recycled polyester from industrial production.

Nature Bio

Expanded polyurethane foam with more than 25% of natural based ingredients.


Needle-punched felts made with regenerated polyester, obtained from the recovery of plastic bottles (PET).

Gea Membrane

Waterproof and breathable polyamide membrane made with 45% (+/-5%) of organic material from castor oil.

Green Felt

Innovative felt totally realized with PLA INGEO – polylactic acid material derived from plant sugars designed for making materials for insoles, linings and uppers.

Vellutini e ovatte riciclati

Recycled materials from plastic PET bootles for upholstery.

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