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Microscopio in laboratorio

Research & Development

A key point of Sire-Tex brand

Working in close synergy with the customer is our key point: we design the material that perfectly responds to the requests of our customers, trying and testing the various combinations to obtain the best solution of laminated technical fabric.

Laboratorio accoppitura siretessile.jpg


Progresso, sviluppo, nuove tecnologie e futuro

Progress, development, new technologies and the future are intimately connected. For this reason, in Sirelab, the futuristic laboratory for testing and certifying fabrics and coupled materials - state-of-the-art machinery is installed that allow to carry out:

  • Anstaticity and conductivity test

  • Water column and breathability test

  • Abrasion test

  • Traction and compression test

  • Elasticity test

The result is the guarantee of the highest quality and performance of the chosen product. Safety, reliability and full customer satisfaction have always been our goals.

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