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Sire-Tex fabrics are created with the best raw materials for the realization of removable sofa covers, armchairs and upholstered beds to satisfy all manufacturers and wholesalers of the furniture’s sector.

Quality, guarantee, avantgarde, safety, certifications are the strong point of the service. 


Velours, expandend polyurethanes, resin wadding, TNT, 



• Variety of thickness and colours of laminated fabrics

• Various possibilities of lamination with different raw materials

• Flame retardant articles

• Best european certifications




Vellutino + 8mm.jpg

Vellutino + 8mm

Velour laminated with 8 mm expanded polyurethane which is used to create the entire inside cover of the sofa, which upholsters the seatback, under cushions and armrests. On this structure thanks to Velcro, the coloured external lining is applied to cover the sofa.

Vellutino + 2mm + tnt rovescio.jpg

Vellutino + 2mm

Velour laminated with 2 mm expanded polyurethane which is used to cover the bottom of the sofa. This product is used also with the version with non-woven fabric laminated on the back. This guarantees a better gliding during the manufacturing process.

vellutino + Ovatta.jpg

Vellutino + Ovatta

For a more refined and curved sofa, you can also use another article which is Vellutino laminated with wadding, which gives more softness to the structure, it is also used to cover cushions.


Tela + Ovatta

Ideal to realize cushions are made with feathers, the covering is made with cloth and wadding.


Vellutino antibatterico

Velours can be made antibacterial with a special treatment. This article can be customized with  the word "Antibacterial" or with customers logo.


Vellutino stampato

Velours with various weights can be realized with personalized prints, with customers logo, or "Made in Italy" brand.

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