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The mission has always been to be a true partner for the best footwear manufacturers in the world. We have succeeded and we work hard every day to maintain and exceed the strict quality standards that we have set ourselves.

The result of the commitment, work and continuous research of excellence is the production of the best technical laminated fabrics brand Sire-Tex for the production of winter, safety, military, urban-casual and sports footwear

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Sire-Tex membaranes, developed in the laboratory "Sirelab", are among the best in the market. Combined with linings, wools, and furs, they make the material waterproof and breathable, ensuring comfort and high performance to the footwear however they are used.

OPTIMAL: Waterproof and breathable PU/PTFE membrane for high-tech performing boots and shoes, ideal for meeting the needs of military tender.

AQUAT: Waterproof and breathable membrane which, having passed the UNI EN ISO 20344 test, has become the perfect product for the safety shoes sector.

SIRETEX: Waterproof and breathable membrane ideal for high quality winter footwear.

ALU-TEX MEMBRANE: Waterproof and breathable membrane with aluminium, perfect to keep warm and give comfort.

OL THERMO MEMBRANE: Waterproof and breathable thermo-adhesive membrane for leather footwear.

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Among the Sire-Tex products there is a wide range of high-tech materials studied and products for military boots, safety footwear and winter and trekking boots, to make the footwear highly technical and performing.


- POLYESTER fabrics 

- POLYAMIDE fabrics 

- ELASTIC fabrics 

- 3D materials  



- Warp-knitted 

- Antibacterial with Sanitized® treatment 

- Sanitized 

- Antistatic 

- Waterproof 

- Breathable 

- Absorbents 

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Among the strengths of Sire-Tex products there are pure wool and synthetic fabrics, utilized to guarantee comfort and warmth in both technical and classical winter footwear.

- 100% wool 

- Mixed wool and polyester fabrics of various compositions

- Fabrics of 100% polyester synthetic fur

- Fabrics of 100% acriylic synthetic fur



Sire-Tex materials for insoles are the most important products in safety shoes sector, but there are also solutions for winter, trekking and urban footwear.The R&D department is always first in line to promote new technologies for state-of-the-art and high performance products, satisfying every need of the insole market.

- Schiume accoppiate 

- Feltri accoppiati


- To shear off

- Thermoformable

- Antistatic

- Antibacterial

- Conductive

- Natural

- Anti-odour 

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Our fabrics for linings brand Sire-Tex are ideal to guarantee technical performance for any type of footwear, both classic, casual and also slippers, always respecting style and aesthetic.

- Fabrics in microfiber

- Velours

- Elastic fabrics

- Sponges



- Softness

- Comfortable

- Warm

- Performance


Among the many products brand Sire-Tex: nylon fabrics for safety, military and winter footwear, ideal for ensuring the best performance and making high-quality footwear and boots.

- Nylon fabrics



- Water Repellent

- Breathable

- Resistant

- Various possibilities of lamination

- Variety of colours

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We offer a wide range of pressure sensitive foams brand Sire-Tex, mad of expanded polyurethane, perfect for every request, which guarantee solidity and thickness to footwear.

- Ideal for footwear padding 

- Various densities and colours

- Laminated with paper adhesive

- Laminated with polyester adhesive

- Striped adhesive for more breathable footwear.

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