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Sire-Tex: New outdoor fabrics

Sire-Tex created a new line of products dedicated to outdoor upholstery


Research and Development office developed new materials for upholstery specific to outdoor.

What are these fabrics?

Waterstop 160gr/m2 - antibacterial and water repellent

Tela Belluno + film PU 208 gr/m2 - water repellent

Flora 140 gr/m2 - water repellent

Are you interested in other articles for outdoor upholstery?

Our Research and Development department is at your complete disposal to build with you the product you want.

Working in close synergy with the customer is our key point: we design the material that perfectly responds to the requests of our customers, trying and testing the various combinations to obtain the best solution of laminated technical fabric.

If you want more information


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