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In response to the several safety requests for those who work in certain environments, Sire-Tex has developed two conductive materials for the production of seamless ESD shoe insoles. Both of these products exceed the new

CEI EN 61340-5-1: 2016 standard which deals with the protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena (ESDS).

Sun Silver

Thermoform, made with a high-density rubber, is a material designed for the production of thermoformable insoles, boasting different possibilities of coupling with linings, also customized, according to the customer’s needs.

These two materials can be combined with different conductive linings: Sun Silver with silver yarn, Iron Star and Steel with steel yarn and Terry with conductive treatment.

Another topic on which the company has invested heavily is the search for eco-sustainable and recycled materials and fabrics.


Among these, the R&D team has developed two different waterproof and breathable membranes: Circle Membrane, created with polyester recovered from industrial processes and Gea Bio Membrane, made of polyamide and organic materials. These membranes can be laminated with different eco-friendly fabrics and wools.

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